About Conference

The 6th International Conference on Basic Sciences 2020 (ICBS 2020) is an online conference organized by 57th Anniversary Committee of Pattimura University 2020, Ambon-Maluku Indonesia UniversityIndonesia 

The 6th ICBS 2020 will be held online from Ambon-Maluku, the capital city of Maluku Province of Indonesia, on November 4th – 5th, 2020, with the main theme “Unpatti Cares for Sustainability in Human and Natural Resources“. This event aims to provide an opportunity to bring together scholars, researchers, and experts from various backgrounds and fields of application and share the results of their research and experience in their respective fields. We hope that mutually supportive interactions can increase interaction between theoretical and experimental studies in various fields of research. So, there is an exchange of ideas and thoughts that can lead to new ideas that can become new research in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology (theory and application) as well as new research which is a collaboration of several fields. Finally, it can produce new fields of study that are beneficial for the development of new science and technology.

The Conference scope (but not limited to) of The 6th International Conference on Basic Sciences 2020 (ICBS 2020) are:

  • Chemical Physics, Pure, and Applied.
  • Computational Science (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology)
  • Mathematics and Statistical physic.
  • Biological Physics, Biodiversity.
  • Physic, Geophysics, Geography and applied
  • Computational in physic and geophysics
  • Educational researches in Mathematics and Natural Sciences topic
  • Energy (Renewable and non-renewable energy)